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Silly Stories

Includes 18 emojis paired with a silly story to help students remember and practice digraphs, diphthongs, and blends. Students can use emojis when reading and writing! Sounds include ow/ou, th, sh, ch, ph, aw/au, er/ir/ur/ear, ar, and more!
18 Slides | PDF & PowerPoint Formats


Sight Word Cards with Emojis

Instead of teaching sight word memorization, teach the skill for digraphs, diphthongs and blends! Students can use emoji learning to remember the more difficult sounds in words. Pack include emojis for 18 different diphthongs, digraphs, and blends, and over 250 words!
268 Slides | PDF & PowerPoint Formats


Reading Tracker for Leveled Library

Sort and level your library so that your students are reading on their level! Assign a reading level to each color of the rainbow- red is the easiest and purple is the most difficult. Sort and color code your books to coordinate with colored reading bins. Students can receive a Reading Tracker that color coordinates with their level. Each time the student reads a book and passes an assessment, they can earn a sticker for their Reading Tracker. Once their Reading Tracker is full, the student can move on to the next color and reading level!
6 Slides | PDF & PowerPoint Formats