Emoji Series in the Kindergarten Classroom
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Emoji Series in the Kindergarten Classroom

TeacherSidekick created the videos for the Emoji Series first because we know how difficult it can be to teach digraphs and blends to young children. Teaching letter names and sounds is very black and white; however, with digraphs and blends, there can be more than one option, which is rightfully confusing to children. We have created the Emoji Series with corresponding visual aids that can be readily available to students in the classroom and at home. The visuals are a helpful tool for students when they are learning to read and write. The resources and visuals can be found under the “Downloads” tab or with the corresponding video.

Prior Knowledge

Before students are introduced to the Emoji Series, they should know all letter names and sounds fluently. At the beginning of the year (August-December), we suggest teaching phoneme segmentation, letter names, letter sounds, and blending. Once they have mastered these skills, then blends and digraphs can be introduced. If you have a student that is ready before the rest of the class, the videos are a perfect resource for personalized learning for those higher achieving students! 

Emoji Videos

Starting about halfway through the school year, it is recommended to show 1-2 Emoji Videos per week. As an educator, you can choose which skill you want each group of students to learn. The videos can be used for whole group instruction and as homework but were originally created with classroom centers in mind. We wanted to design a center where students are being held accountable for their learning, while still being challenged. The videos are about 15 minutes in length and can be used as a timer for each center. Students love holding their Master Reader Card and the corresponding Emoji Poster as they watch each video. If students are in need of extra support or review, you can send home a parent letter with the website and which video the student should watch. TeacherSidekick is a great FREE resource for educators and parents!

Word Wall

If you use an alphabetical word wall, continue to do so until you introduce the Emoji Series. Once you introduce the blends and digraphs through the Emoji Series, you can have your students help you reorganize your Word Wall based on the blends and digraphs in each word. Now, you are teaching the skill rather than memorization. Students can add more words to the word wall and begin producing more difficult words on their own. Each day, have a quick 1-2 minute review of the emojis on the word wall by having students say the sound and letter combinations. A constant review will produce more fluent readers!

Master Reader Card

The Master Reader Card is intended to be printed in color for each student. It is recommended that each student has a copy readily available at school and at home so they are able to refer to it when needed. When students are finished with a video or have mastered the skill, they can earn a hole punch or sticker next to that emoji on their Master Reader Card. The card is an extra tool for students until each blend and digraph is memorized and they each become Master Readers!


The Emoji Certificates should be printed at the beginning of the school year and readily available in case a teachable moment arises. Upon completion of each video, you may give a certificate to your students. The certificates act as a reward and also as a home-school connection so parents are aware of the skills their child is learning.