My first Sidekick Blog post!
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My first Sidekick Blog post!

Hi! I’m your TeacherSidekick, Leah Senneway. At TeacherSidekick, we believe that every child needs guidance through their own tailored path toward success. TeacherSidekick makes personalized learning simple through standards-based videos and engaging activities.

With the knowledge of each child’s reading level and needs, educators and parents can search reading skills to effortlessly create and customize a unique plan of instruction for differentiated centers, individualized lessons, tutoring sessions, substitute plans, skill introduction and reinforcement, on-demand learning and teachable moments.

TeacherSidekick began as an idea for my own classroom but my passion and belief in the program led me to share it with you!

I hope that TeacherSidekick supports your effort in making each child succeed to their fullest potential!